ISTA & Tantra: A Shamanic Take on Medical Ethics

Was it the carrots up the ass?

ISTA & Tantra: A Shamanic Take on Medical Ethics

The International School of Temple Arts is well known for their antics with carrots in the anus in ISTA Level 2 training. For some reason, their teachers think it activates “dragon power”. The carrot in the anus ritual definitely doesn’t activate the ability to speak out when there is a known travesty in front of their faces. From my perspective, I think they should stop the carrots in the anus group ritual as it is not achieving anything.

Credit to Baba Dez, founder of ISTA, (who is now not working with ISTA) who said to me on the phone that he does not support the medical experiment. I didn’t see him speak about it on his Facebook tho. Also, credit it to Frank Mondeose who was speaking out about what was going on and he still does. The others tho, I have no idea what they were thinking. I have emailed every single faculty member and not one of them replies about being silent during a flagrant attack on the human populace.

This is on the home page of ISTA when you go to it:

But do carrots in the anus empower you to speak out about an obvious genocide?

Disclaimer: I have done ISTA Levels 1 & 2 and I am not saying I got zero benefits from it but I have been doing a lot of deep personal work with other modalities.

The thing is, with only two of the ISTA faculty speaking out against the medical experiment and the whole faculty making the decision to not empower their students to speak out, is that empowerment? Not for me.

I spoke out about it and the fact that Bill Gates was a good friend of Jeffrey Epstein and how these corporations and governments have a track record of insane behaviour. I pointed out how the testing, masks, and lockdowns were a triad of psychological weaponry designed to create fear and mass formation psychosis. I pointed out that America had sold out to the CCP. I pointed out that those despicable people in Germany did the same thing in 1939. None of the ISTA faculty cared or contacted me about this. This was annoying as I had good connections with a few of them and had interviewed many of the faculty on my podcast.

We are now on the 13th of January 2023 and I have been booted off 6 social media platforms for bothering to care about children’s health and humanity. I also put the abolishment of child trafficking above in importance over testing for a flu bug and wearing a plastic face mask if I breathed near another human. I’m such a crazy **** aren’t I? Why were we all not hunting down the paedophiles rather than being masked by them?

ISTA needs to be disbanded in my opinion. They serve nothing but fake power and fake leadership. They would have to come out with a deep apology and explain themselves to save this situation in my personal opinion. It’s sad but there are some good individual teachers within ISTA and I am sure they can build again on their own.

The rest of the tantra teacher community also has hell to pay for. The ‘Tantra Not Trauma’ group actively promoted the medical experiment and blocked concerns about what was going on. Other prominent ‘tantra experts’ promoted the medical experiment and the majority of tantra teachers said nothing. The only one that I saw going against it was Sasha Cobra - credit to her.

If you are in the ISTA organisation or you are a tantra teacher and you have evidence of you speaking out, please let me know and I will be happy to add your name here.

Fake leadership and fake empowerment must stop. You either teach people the truth about their power via the I AM (Higher Self) self or you don’t.

Best wishes and blessings to everyone on their journey of healing.

For more on the genocide and the open criminal investigation look at the links in this article:

To those who fought against me about paedophilia and the medical experiment, I was right all along. What are you going to do now? Attack me some more? Go for it.

I have reached out to the faculty for an interview podcast about why they continue to hide and not empower their students to speak out. There has been no response.

As I mentioned, please go through the below article for more evidence.

Justice for the Innocent: Advocating for Medical Truth.
There have been no apologies from the liars who have harmed humanity.

25th Jan 2023 Update

I spoke to Baba Dez on the phone and he said again he does not support the medical experiment.

I am of the view that anyone who "claims to have power and teach power" should speak up for the mentally disabled, children and the unborn (essentially the voiceless).

I believe if ONE voiceless innocent child/person is in chains then we are all in chains.

Good luck with all your grace with God.

31st Jan 2023 Update

I contacted Betty Martin (founder of The Wheel of Consent) to ask why she didn’t stand up for the children and mentally disabled. She didn’t want to talk about it and declined a podcast interview.

I contacted Rupert James Allison from Art of Consent to ask why he didn’t stand up for the children and mentally disabled. He didn’t want to talk about it and declined a podcast interview.

1st Feb 2023 Update

I have contacted ISTA faculty, Betty Martin, and Rupert James Allison to tell them that if they are being blackmailed by big pharma companies to contact the police. I hope they are safe.


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