Welcome To The Steve Experience

Steve has decided to bring his beloved brands of his podcast, his book, Raw Attraction Magazine and The Heart Initiation Academy (formerly, The University of Love & Sexuality) in one place and one place only!

Welcome To The Steve Experience

Welcome to The Steve Experience Premium.

Advance Your Deep, Lasting Intimacy and Experience Transformational Growth

Steve has decided to bring his beloved brands of his podcast, his book, Raw Attraction Magazine and The Heart Initiation Academy (formerly, The University of Love & Sexuality) in one place and one place only!

Embark on a unique journey with The Steve Experience Premium Membership. Here, we intertwine the enlightening paths of intimate relating, personal growth, and spiritual development. When you upgrade, you receive an exclusive package that enriches your heart and soul.

What You Receive with Premium Membership:

  • Full Access to Heart Initiation Academy Courses: Dive deep into your transformation with Steve's renowned courses. From spiritual awakening to deeply fulfilling relationships, this course is designed to ignite your inner power and reclaim your authentic self.
  • Exclusive Issues of Raw Attraction Magazine: Steve's Raw Attraction Magazine was outselling Men's Health Magazine and Cosmopolitan Magazine during 2012 - 2022 on the App Store. Each exclusive legacy issue is packed with insightful articles on relationships, personal development, and spiritual insights to help you navigate the complexities of love and connection. Get ready for the re-launch this summer.
  • Exclusive Member-Only Gifts: Throughout the year, receive carefully curated gifts and discounts that support your journey of personal and spiritual growth.
  • Community and Support: Join a thriving community of like-minded individuals who support each other in this transformative process. Participate in our exclusive member-only online meet-ups and Q&A sessions with thought leaders in the field.

If you bought access to The Heart Initiation Academy between 2015 to 2024 and you do not have access to TSE Premium then please email hello@thesteveexperience.com to get access.

Why Upgrade?

The Steve Experience Premium is more than just a membership—it's an investment in your personal evolution. With it, you gain tools and knowledge that foster not only personal transformation but also a deeper connection with others. Whether it's through the enlightening content of Raw Attraction Magazine or the transformative courses at Heart Initiation Academy, your journey towards a more fulfilling life is right at your fingertips.

Embrace the Opportunity—Upgrade Today!

Ready to transform your intimate relationships and personal growth? Upgrade to Premium and begin your journey to a deeper, more connected life.

Heart Initiation Academy Testimonials From 2015 onwards:

"The Heart Initiation Academy has provided a platform for personal growth in a way like no other I have come across! It provides information through inspirational mentors who share their tools and experiences to positively promote love, healing and a feeling of awesome well-being. I am so grateful to The Heart Initiation Academy for guiding me on this journey. Thank you!"

Rachel Keay

"I'd done some casual healing and therapy, but I never got any real results. Then I joined up with The Heart Initiation Academy. Wow! A whole new world has been opened up to me! In a short time, I realised what had been plaguing my entire adult life; a closed heart that I never knew was closed. Untreated childhood trauma that I had never addressed. The Heart Initiation Academy has provided me with the path I've been looking for, and even though I have only just begun this exciting new journey, Heart Initiation is now leading the way. I am now more myself, more confident, more loving (including self-loving), more giving, and overall happier with life!"

Andy Moore

"This course has been a blessing for me in every aspect of my life. I am finding myself changing how I approach every situation. Every time I move through the course, I am finding myself applying immediately to my life. This has also forced some heavy truths to come to light in regards to my personal relationships. I am currently on module four and I am so excited to continue the course and really start to heal myself so I can really follow my spiritual path."

Melissa Elizondo

"I would recommend this course to anyone who desires to experience more presence; drop into your body, hear inner wisdom and live your pleasure, power and purpose. I had many brain orgasms, lovegasms, and soulgasms throughout my Heart Initiation journey. In fact, I now can name, clearly map and describe the sublime dimension that I have been visiting since my childhood. I’ve had so much contact with it recently via Heart Initiation which makes even better portal. It was Magical! Thank you for this amazing experience ❤️"


"Have you ever had a situation where you could understand why it happened, all the mechanisms behind it, but still you felt that you were unable to let it go, that it still had a heavy pull on you? Using the tools they give you at The Heart Initiation Academy in these kinds of hard-to-shake-off situations was for me like unloading heavy baggage that I've been carrying around for ages, leaving me lighter and more at peace and also feeling that more space opened up for joy, for love, for gratitude. Honestly, it's been life-changing and words aren't enough to describe how well it works."

Ruxandra Cristina

"This course has provided me not only with the tools to grow but it has been doing more than anything has done before in my life. I learn to see the opportunities, the shadows, the present, the past, my body, my heart, all of ME with love. I am so happy that something like this exists and so grateful. I can feel the effects on me, but also in everything around me, the beauty is real, there is hope, love is the truth, this is a real university of life. I hope you don't miss the chance, it is a beautiful opportunity. I believe in these teachings with my whole heart and every cell in my body!"

Christine Maldonado

"This course is very educational and enlightening. There is nothing else like it. It will give you the tools you need to access a blissful state by helping you break through all of the outside influences that are present in your life. Steve and the teachers guide you through all of the aspects of love and sexuality that have become tainted and help you rebuild a strong connection to yourself which allows for a greater connection to others. I recommend it to everyone because there is an infinite number of ways that you can benefit from this amazing program."

Frank Mule

"It has been such a beautiful and profound experience for me. In such a short period of time, I'm already experiencing so much change. It's so beyond what I could have ever imagined. This work is helping me in understanding the deeper aspects of myself, how and where I was misaligned and what re-alignment and re-integration feels like. For the first time in my existence on this earth, I have found wholeness within myself. This has caused a tremendous feeling of peace, security, and balance in my life. Words can't describe how beyond grateful I am. This is something that is desperately needed on this planet. Everyone needs this. If everyone had this training and could understand it, what a ripple it would cause. What a world this would be!"

Dominique Pontecorvo

"The team here are doing the work of God on earth. All the evils on earth have at the core root cause a lack of Love. In a world scarce of Love and where sex is everywhere, most people never experience more than junk sex or years of abstinence. 

The people at The Heart Initiation Academy have created very high-quality material to support your journey in healing the wounds of your past, and creating conscious love in your life!"

Irina Goia

"The Heart Initiation Academy is an open door to the awareness and importance of love in ourselves. The courses address many issues, which so many of us struggle with, in a safe environment where one does not feel judged. It is a place where I am able to get out of my "mind" and be in my "heart" as I cultivate love. I strongly believe that for many, including myself, it has given us a place to belong, learn, and share our journey. It has taught me to embrace individual strengths, apply them to my life and learn from others' weaknesses. Yet, weaknesses are simple learning opportunities. Our life adversities make us stronger individuals who can help others in a compassionate manner! With genuine love, I am thankful for The Heart Initiation Experience as I walk my journey and learn that I am deserving and worthy of love. I have seen so many changes as a teacher, a mother, a daughter, a friend, and a citizen of my community and for those positive changes, I am thankful! Blessings Always."

Maribell Martinez

"Steve, your idea to offer knowledge and support of this kind in an accessible and comprehensive manner is incredible. It’s something that people really need, even if most of today’s world isn’t aware of that yet. Possibly because of that reason more than others, it was obvious to me from day one how difficult an achievement this must actually be for you. No one else is daring enough to offer something quite like this to the public, not yet. I think in time that may change. I pray that it does and that your efforts will be recognized in the light they deserve to be. Personally, I’ve been working through the tools discussed in the course for months. I never would have been able to understand how to approach my trauma without this course, it has saved my life, and it has proven to me there is hope for betterment. Everyone else has given up on me and expected me to give up as well, but your work showed me how to keep trying. And now I share what I’ve learned with my young son, so that he may grow up knowing what love is and break the familial cycle of abuse and self-hatred he otherwise would be destined to continue. No matter what your future holds now I want you to know how much of a difference you’ve made in my life. I want you to see that what you created was worth it. I wish you the very best, and thank you for everything!"


"Save yourself years of searching. While most courses introduce you to a single method or modality, The Heart Initiation Academy takes you on a complete transformational journey." 


"Your work is amazing. The speakers that did each module were brilliant. The content changed my path radically. I'm so blessed to have been able to experience the course. I was at a fork in the road and I was lucky to have found you. So my gratitude to you Steve & Heart Initiation Academy, you have changed my world. You changed many people's world. I love my life with no television, and never buy a newspaper because to be honest, sometimes I'm ashamed of my species. Thanks again!"


"I've been with you since University of LOVE and Sexuality. And have praised you to every lost soul I've come in contact with and have said school systems need to make your content required curriculum in our high schools. I hope that you've been able to find your place where you can help those of us who need you. You are one of the most amazing souls I've ever had the pleasure of coming in contact with. Thank you for your continued mentorship."

Melissa, Florida