Podcast #98 The Shamanic Journey of Conscious Parenthood: A Conversation with Steve and Kateřina

Exploring the Intersection of Spirituality, Shamanic Practices, and Conscious Choices in Pregnancy and Parenthood

Podcast #98 The Shamanic Journey of Conscious Parenthood: A Conversation with Steve and Kateřina

Embarking on the journey of parenthood is a monumental step in anyone's life. But have you ever considered the spiritual aspects of conscious parenthood? In this episode of The Steve Experience Podcast, Steve and his wife, Katerina, explore the deeper dimensions of pregnancy and childbirth, offering insights that go beyond the physical realm.

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The Shamanic Journey of Pregnancy

Katerina shares her insights on how pregnancy is perhaps the most spiritual experience one could have. Katerina emphasizes the importance of being in service to new life and how this aligns with shamanic practices in pregnancy. "Pregnancy is not just a physical journey; it's a shamanic journey that connects you to the divine," says Katerina.

The Importance of Support Systems During Pregnancy

Both Steve and Katerina stress the need for a strong support system during this transformative period. From doulas to mentors, find out why having the right people around you can make all the difference. "Your support system is your anchor during this journey. It's crucial to have people who understand the spiritual aspects of conscious parenthood," Steve adds.

Making Conscious Choices in Pregnancy

Making conscious choices extends to every aspect of pregnancy, from the food you eat to the thoughts you entertain. Steve delves into how these choices can impact not just the mother but the child as well. "Every choice you make sends a message to your unborn child. It's the foundation of their world," he says.

The Concept of Ecstatic Birth

What is ecstatic birth and how does it offer the best of both worlds? Learn about this holistic approach to childbirth that combines natural birthing methods with medical support for emergencies. "Ecstatic birth is about embracing the natural process while having the assurance of medical support. It's the future of childbirth," Katerina explains.

This podcast journey into conscious parenthood is a transformative experience that offers opportunities for deep spiritual growth. By making conscious choices and having a strong support system, you can turn this life-changing event into a deeply spiritual journey.

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