Podcast #62 Conscious Dentistry: Elevating Dental Care with Dr. Doug Lehrer, Dr Hana Luskačová & Dr Eva Luskačová

Looking after your health often starts with your teeth!

Podcast #62 Conscious Dentistry: Elevating Dental Care with Dr. Doug Lehrer, Dr Hana Luskačová & Dr Eva Luskačová

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In this life-changing podcast, Steve speaks to Dr Doug Lehrer, Dr Hana Luskačová, & Dr Eva Luskačová about dentistry and health care.

Dr Hana Luskačová & Dr Eva Luskačová are twin sisters who founded the amazing holistic dentist practice DuoSmile.cz in Brno, Czech Republic.

Eva has a double degree, qualifying as both a Doctor of Medicine and a Dentist. Eva's ambition has always been to develop a particularly holistic approach to her profession. She felt that the study of general medicine - all six years of it - would help her develop a breadth and depth of knowledge that ultimately would result in her becoming a better dentist.

Hana qualified from Charles University in Prague, having completed two degrees like her twin sister Eva. Hana has enjoyed 6 years of working and gaining experience abroad. She practices all aspects of restorative dentistry, with a special interest in cosmetics, full mouth reconstructions, superstructure for implants, and veneers. She is fully committed to preventative and minimally invasive dentistry. Hana believes that dentistry should be a pleasant experience with minimal stress. She is committed to post-graduate education, believing it is essential to remain "cutting edge" in this constantly evolving profession.

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Dr Doug Lehrer, DC, CQM is a much-loved visionary leader, doctor, speaker and pioneer in the “healthcare of the future” (energy medicine). With his characteristic high energy and phenomenal healing abilities, Dr. Doug has guided hundreds of thousands of people around the world to heal their bodies, look and feel 10 years younger, and create thriving, fully expressed lives.

Today, Dr Doug leads powerful transformational healing retreats and training programs around the world in order to share a powerful way of living he calls Cellularity™.

Dr Doug Lehrer is...

+ Founder and developer of the Cellular Resonance Technique™ and the Cellular Forgiveness Process™

+ Creator of Energetic Medicine Mastery™ and Loving Life Mastery™

+ Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic #DC18502

+ Board-Certified in Quantum Medicine (American Naturopathic Medical Certification & Accreditation Board) QM# 1205

+ Former Master Instructor/Practitioner Bio-Energetic

+ Synchronization Technique (BEST)

+ Best-selling co-author, alongside Bernie Segel, MD

+ Featured on PBS and The New York Times

+ Former CBS radio show host (with an audience of 1.5 million)

+ Founder and director of Rich-In-Health, a 501(3)c non-profit foundation whose focus is Health for Peace training practitioners in techniques that heal PTSD in Israel and Palestine and other parts of the world where people are traumatized by war, abuse and suffering

For more from Doug visit, https://cellularresonance.com

We also recommend checking out this video of Doug's work