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The Steve Experience: Shamanic Stories & Soulful Journeys
Podcast #72 Bible's 17th Chapter: A Shamanic Interpretation

Podcast #72 Bible's 17th Chapter: A Shamanic Interpretation

Steve's Interpretation.

Steve explains if Genesis Chapter 17 is pure blasphemy or not.

Obviously, the legacy of Jesus Christ was to turn circumcision into baptism. Jesus Christ did not support circumcisions. Therefore, Steve’s assumption is that Genesis 17 is blasphemy in the Tanakh.

Steve believes we need to examine the need to harm young babies like this.

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In 2007 Steve graduated from Southampton Solent University in the UK with a BA (Hons) in Writing For The Media. Since 2007 he has been a (mostly undercover) investigative journalist.

Steve reports his discoveries via his book, podcasts, Raw Attraction Magazine, The Heart Initiation Academy, and other creative outlets. 

For nearly two decades, Steve's research has taken him on a deep dive into the following subjects:

  • Dating

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  • Emotional Mastery

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  • The Bible

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  • Health & Nutrition

  • How To Heal The Body

  • How To Heal The Mind

  • How To Heal The Heart

  • How To Heal The Soul

  • How To Heal The Inner Child

  • The Holy Trinity Within & How To Access It

  • The Relationship Between Integrity & The I AM (The Higher Self)

  • The War Between Good & Evil

  • Cellular Resonance Therapy

  • Spontaneous Healing

  • Comedy & The Importance of Humour

  • Geo-Political Warfare 

  • The Corruption of America

  • The Corruption of The British Government

  • The Corruption of The BBC

  • Psychological Warfare

  • Spiritual Warfare

  • Christ Consciousness & Consciousness Itself

  • Truth vs Deception & Lies

  • The Corruption In Worldwide Media, Social Media, & Culture

  • The Great Awakening

  • How To Clear Entities

  • How To Embody Truth

  • How To Align With Your Divine Plan

  • How To Take Back & Embody Your Own Power, Pleasure, & Purpose

  • How To Consistently Rebirth Yourself Into New Vibrations of Consciousness With No Psychedelics or Drugs (Via Your I AM Self & Your Soul)

  • How To Live In A Divine Flow State

  • How To Live In Harmony With All Of Creation

  • The Importance Of Boundaries & Lighting Your Inner Fire

& much more.

The Steve Experience
The Steve Experience: Shamanic Stories & Soulful Journeys
I'm Steve & I'm the Divine Union of a journalist, author & entrepreneur. Banned from 6 American social media sites by the Nazis. This podcast unveils the profound wisdom of shamanic practices, intertwined with personal anecdotes of transformation & enlightenment. Each episode is a journey of the soul, filled with ecstatic revelations that challenge the conventional, awaken the spirit, and inspire the heart. Whether you're a spiritual seeker or simply curious about the shamanic world, join Steve as he shares tales of healing, discovery, and transcendence, offering a unique perspective on life's greatest mysteries.