May 8 • 25M

Podcast #95 The Alchemy of Love: Secrets of Ancient Aphrodisiacs Revealed

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The Steve Experience
This podcast unveils the profound wisdom of shamanic practices, intertwined with personal anecdotes of transformation & enlightenment. Each episode is a journey of the soul, filled with ecstatic revelations that challenge the conventional, awaken the spirit, and inspire the heart. Whether you're a spiritual seeker or simply curious about the shamanic world, join Steve as he shares tales of healing, discovery, and transcendence, offering a unique perspective on life's greatest mysteries.
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On this podcast, Steve is joined by Amy Reiley. They both delve into the fascinating world of aphrodisiacs, exploring their history, cultural significance, and scientific validity. Discover the passionate world of aphrodisiacs and ignite your senses on this delicious journey!

Amy Reiley is best known as an authority on aphrodisiac foods. But she is also a speaker, cookbook author, consultant, freelance wine writer, and wine competition judge.

In 2004, she became the second American to earn a Master of Arts (MA) in Gastronomy awarded by France’s culinary temple, Le Cordon Bleu.
While at Cordon Bleu, Amy rose to prominence for her work in culinary aphrodisiacs. In 2006, Amy releases her first book, Fork Me, Spoon Me: the sensual cookbook, cementing her role as America’s leading aphrodisiac food authority.

You can find Amy at

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